How Could You, Mr. Trump?

How could you? 

How could you blame those with mental illness for mass shootings? 

How could you say that mental illness is to blame for people shooting other people? 

Where is critical thought in your process? 

Do you not know that those with mental illness are more likely to be the VICTIMS of crime? 

Or do you NOT WANT TO KNOW? 

Do you put your fingers in your ears and scream “LA LA LA LA LA…” every time you hear something you do not understand or agree with? 

Why do you think it was people like me who shoot others down? 

Do you not know there are people with mental illness who have never shot a gun, let alone a person? 

Which is true for me.  

I have never shot a gun, let alone a person. 

I never want to shoot a person. 

Which leaves one question, Mr. Trump:  

Why do you hate me? 

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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

3 thoughts on “How Could You, Mr. Trump?”

  1. How could Trump do it? Very easily.

    If he condemns the gun owners, he condemns his major funding group. If he condemns the white supremacists, he condemns his own base. If he condemns the Senate for not doing anything about reforming gun law, he’s attacking his own side. They’re all hard targets for him to attack. They’ll strike back, and they could hurt him if they do.

    Mentally ill people are the easiest target. They’re the target that won’t kick back. Donald Trump is a bully from way back – he will always go for the easy target. And like most bullies, he doesn’t hate his target – he despises them, scorns them. If they didn’t want to be a target, they wouldn’t be so easy to hit out at.

    So the easy equivalence keeps being drawn between toxic levels of entitlement (which Donald Trump also has – he just comes from a family which was wealthy enough to ensure he largely got them satiated most of the time), toxic narcissism, toxic individualism, and mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia. Because a person who picks up a gun and shoots down a bunch of other people can’t be “normal”. Which is true. But they’re generally not legally insane, either – they know what they’re doing is wrong, both morally and legally. They just don’t care.

    Of course, the real problem is: the ones who are doing the shootings aren’t actually the most dangerous ones. The really dangerous ones are the ones like Rupert Murdoch and his sons, who are feeding the paranoias of conservative America in order to make their already wealthy family even wealthier. The really dangerous ones are the ones like Trump (who is going to be back to tweeting white supremacist dog whistles inside a day or so – I’m willing to put money on it) who encourage the paranoias of others in order to get their own narcissistic supply. The really dangerous ones are the ones on 4-chan and 8-chan who stoke the flames, who talk up the ideas of race war and armed revolution, and keep talking up the idea that if the world goes down in flames, the people who are going to be coming out on top are going to be the dissatisfied, over-entitled white boys who feel their 1950s tv-sitcom dream life has been “stolen” from them by uppity women, uppity blacks, uppity spics, uppity wogs, uppity chinks, disabled people who don’t know their place and so on. The really dangerous ones are the ones who set the rest of us up as the carnival ducks to be shot down by dissatisfied white boys in order for them to win prizes… just for the lulz.

    Note that nobody, but nobody in power, is suggesting we try to deal with them.

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