Thanksgiving: A Prickly Subject Now

In case you haven’t noticed, I was raised in a traditional white, Christian, Republican, American household. That means holding on to a lot of conservative traditions, including Thanksgiving. I was told that the local Native Americans helped the stranger Englishmen (Europeans) how to live, grow and eat in their territory, and Thanksgiving was a celebration for a particularly prosperous harvest. We are traditional white people in every known way. 

That being said, there are still good reasons for the Native Americans not to celebrate. I have heard some versions of the Thanksgiving story involving the massacre of neighboring tribes, even after they taught us how to live in the new (to us) lands.  

Even holding on to the traditional story I was told as a child, there is still a ridiculously large amount of guilt on the European side of the Thanksgiving equation. I mean, how else did we repay the ultimately kind Native Americans, except completely take over their lands and kill thousands of them? That is the big divide I have to straddle every day.  

After my ancestors steamrolled the lands of the Native Americans, I want to help them recoup some losses. The question remains this: What do I do now?  

Thanksgiving Cooking, 2019 Edition: Friday Before

I just took the turkey out of the freezer. Fortunately, there was enough space to put the giant bird in the pan I am using to roast it. Also, there is enough space to put the rest of the dinner in as well, when my mother and I are done with Thanksgiving.

This year, we have a big menu. We have more dishes than we do last year, and a couple of them have ingredients we need to buy the night before. (We’re having banana croquettes, and here, bananas need to be bought this coming Wednesday.) But everything else, we’ve got.

Can you believe we haven’t gotten a pumpkin pie yet? Basically, we’re waiting for the store to get some in the freezer section. Every time we’ve gone, there are no pumpkin pies. (I wonder if I can talk my mom into an apple pie this year?)

As I have said before, my mother guides me in the whole endeavor. She would like to participate, but she can’t stand at the stove long enough to do it. But I’ve done Thanksgiving before, so there’s really much less sweat this time around.

A Word on Body Positivity

People against body positivity do not realize this: We are not against thin bodies. We are not even against health. We are for all bodies. We body positivity activists believe that all bodies, even larger, curvier bodies, can achieve health and beauty goals.  

Don’t be silly. Body positivity is not about replacing thin bodies with fatter bodies. What body positivity is about is achieving a more democratic view of beauty. We see beauty in all races, creeds, and sizes.  

There is such a thing as natural beauty, no matter what the beauty industry says.  

Besides, I have outlined in my previous post, Seesaw Living Hurts Us All, that pitting types of people against others is ultimately destructive. So, if you are anti-thin, you are not body positive.

Madonna/Whore: T.I. Edition

Content Warning: Talk of Sexual Politics 

By now, you’ve heard rapper T.I. requires virginity checks of his daughter, even after she’s 18. Apparently, she has some magical hymen which can be checked.  

It’s okay, he thinks. He just does not want his daughter to be a whore. 

Because whores are ruined forever. 

Because he suffers from Madonna/Whore syndrome. 

Madonna/Whore Syndrome is a predominantly male (yes, women can suffer from this too) train of thought that a woman must be a virginal Madonna (originally given to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus) to be worthy of love. Any sexual contact at all, even a kiss on the cheek in some circles, makes you a whore. You are either a Madonna or a whore. 

And a whore is ruined forever. 

There is no grace for the whore. 

There is no forgiveness for the whore. 

Does he understand that, in the Bible, the very book he probably uses to justify his behavior; MEN must adhere to the same exacting standard he is subjecting his daughter to? The Bible is no respecter of gender or sex.

Funny how sexual sin only seems to apply to women.

Question: Why do I get the feeling T.I.’s daughter will marry the first guy who gets close enough to her and never speak to her father again?