Thanksgiving: A Prickly Subject Now

In case you haven’t noticed, I was raised in a traditional white, Christian, Republican, American household. That means holding on to a lot of conservative traditions, including Thanksgiving. I was told that the local Native Americans helped the stranger Englishmen (Europeans) how to live, grow and eat in their territory, and Thanksgiving was a celebration for a particularly prosperous harvest. We are traditional white people in every known way. 

That being said, there are still good reasons for the Native Americans not to celebrate. I have heard some versions of the Thanksgiving story involving the massacre of neighboring tribes, even after they taught us how to live in the new (to us) lands.  

Even holding on to the traditional story I was told as a child, there is still a ridiculously large amount of guilt on the European side of the Thanksgiving equation. I mean, how else did we repay the ultimately kind Native Americans, except completely take over their lands and kill thousands of them? That is the big divide I have to straddle every day.  

After my ancestors steamrolled the lands of the Native Americans, I want to help them recoup some losses. The question remains this: What do I do now?  

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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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