Fat Shaming Only Makes Me Fatter

I know it’s been a while since I said something. But I needed to say something about this:  Fat Shaming does NOT need to make a comeback. James Corden is right. 

I feel like I’m on the Shame Walk of Cersei Lannister.

Let me tell you my personal experience with fat shaming.  

From childhood, I was fat shamed. My mother did it, my siblings did it, even my father did it. I have been on a diet since I was eight.  

Everybody in my life has fat shamed me. My friends commented on my weight every day. Society has, for generations, pushed a rail-thin “heroin chic” (they still do) and hundreds of weight loss products.  

Most of these people say I should stop eating. They shamed me, every meal I ate. 

Unfortunately, to cope with the shame, I ate more.  

The result? 

I am 4’ 11”. I weigh 265 pounds. I have type 2 diabetes. I am 42 years old. I have no husband. I have no children.  

Do you think that a stressor for people who have no coping skills besides eating is a good idea? 

By the way, I am not saying all fat people use eating as a coping skill. I am saying that I did.  

What I am saying is, fat shaming never worked for me.  

I know I am too fat to live in peace. I know I am supposed to live in shame. 

I live in this body.  

I have mirrors. 

I know what I look like. 

And I’m stuck eating to cope with this pain and hate.

Your so-called concern looks like hate, walks like hate, and talks like hate, so therefore it is hate. 

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.  

As for the screams of “IT GLAMORIZES UNHEALTHINESS!!!!” Let me say this: I know. I hear it all the time.  

But must I sacrifice my mental health for my physical health?  


Quickshot – Autism, Racism and Sexism

Autism does NOT explain racism and sexism.  

Autism occurs in all races and sexes. Period. It may even occur in your family. Don’t be fooled. Just because someone is autistic, does not mean they are racist or sexist. Likewise, with racism and sexism.  

Have I showed any racism or sexism on my blog? Please, tell me if I have. I never intend to, though I may have unintentionally.  

Just Shooting the Breeze

Okay, so the Starship Troopers was a little random, and not even based on the book. I get it. The point of the article is that the movie was more militaristic speculation than Robert A. Heinlein. (Confession: I have not even read the book to make a proper comparison, so I didn’t dwell on it.)

So, we’re about to make our first restitution payment for being scammed. I don’t know how we’ll make it through the coming year, but somehow I know we will. I’m not going into that anymore until necessary.

Right now, that episode of Sex and the City is playing which the girls are comparing themselves to other women, and apparently coming out as less. Their bodies are near Hollywood perfection. (I’ve seen the HBO versions of half the episodes, so I know.) So, where does that leave regular, fat girls like me? Out in the cold. That’s why I reject Hollywood and its beauty standards. Beauty is a dictatorship. It needs to be a democracy.

Anyway, off my soapbox. I’m actually getting along better than I sometimes say I am. At least I’m keeping a good house, and now cook well.

Starship Troopers, 1997: A “Wag the Dog” Scenario

Now for a little fun: Movie Day! The Movie: Starship Troopers!

Some people say I’m an intellectual. I do like a film with some gravitas, and I have read some good books in my age. So, why in the world, some people ask, am I watching Starship Troopers? Well, there are a few reasons, not the least which is that I am looking at it from a strange scenario, in which much of the plot line and many other elements are now historical fact. Come along with me and I’ll explain.

I am writing this on August 28, 2019. We are still in the War on Terror, which began in 2001. We’ve still got troops in Afghanistan, and we’ve still got troops in Iraq, I think, fighting “terrorism.”

Mostly, though, an article from https://www.cracked.com/ shows the similarities between Starship Troopers and the early days of the War on Terror.

Here’s the article if you’re interested. https://www.cracked.com/article_19259_6-mind-blowing-ways-starship-troopers-predicted-future.html

Anyway, you’re probably thinking “But Starship Troopers came out in 1997! The War of Terror did not start until 2001!” Right on both counts. Here’s where Wag the Dog comes in. If you’re still scratching your head, Wag the Dog was a book and then a movie about a fabricated war to distract from a presidential sex scandal. Guess what Bill Clinton did to distract from his own? He fired upon “secret terror camps” in Afghanistan. In that case, Wag the Dog came true, in a certain way.

Now, more on Starship Troopers. It is loosely based on a book by Robert A. Heinlein. I suspect it’s loosely based because there are certain differences, namely the inclusion of women in the armed forces. Heinlein’s book made no such inclusion. Besides, this is more about the coming War on Terror. 9/11, the “Shock and Awe,” the weird strategies, and the confusingly vague ending fit in with history. Sure, you can say I’m stretching. But is it not more sensible to see the similarities?

I could go on and on about the similarities between the movie and real life, but the article from Cracked does it much better. Wag the Dog Again, it sure is.

It’s very interesting to see a movie from the other side of the events it predicts.

Diabetes: No Words of Wisdom

Well, it’s been confirmed recently that I have type 2 diabetes. I’m having a hard time processing it into words of wisdom or something for some reason. Normally, it only takes a few days before I can spout out juicy little…I don’t know….bites? Meh. I guess I’m going to have to get a monitor, test strips and lancets. Of course, my mother has these things coming out of her ears.

There really is not much I can say. No real juicy soundbites, or any words of wisdom yet. I do have to monitor my health closely (and maybe have some more strength to get healthier foods to eat). But no “diet foods,” alright? Those never really worked anyway.

Sesame Street and Autism Speaks: A Match in Hell

Autism Speaks hates autistic people. Autism Speaks’ aim is said to “find solutions,” but based on its past material, that aim remains the same: DESTROY AUTISM, and DESTROY THE AUTISTIC. With its hateful “I am Autism” campaign, it teaches the parent of the autistic child to hate autism, which is a part of the autistic child. (Google it and listen closely. You’ll be socked.) Eventually, the autistic child hates themselves and is statistically prone to suicide. I can tell you this, because this happened to me. I have been in the planning stages of suicide because I was autistic, and therefore bad. If Sesame Street wants to destroy Julia, keep the partnership with Autism Speaks.

Julia is a wonderful character, but she needs to be loved and accepted. Sure, the concept is Autism Awareness, but Autism Speaks puts it on the level of Cancer Awareness, or AIDS Awareness – even Ebola Awareness! Do they want to have Sesame Street kill Julia by lynch mob? (See, thanks to “I am Autism,” I can make crazy claims about Autism Speaks in self-defense!) Of course, that’s not going to happen, but it is in the fever dreams of the cure-focused parents of the autistic. After all, these cure-focused parents make their kids drink bleach, which has classically been regarded as a form of suicide. That is who you are aligned with. People who want to poison their kids.

By all means, autism is not a plague. It is an operating system, similar to Mac vs. PC vs. Linux. It is a system which operates on different controls. Of course, people have always feared and hated the different. Hate is a sin which mankind refuses to repent from, even today. Hate is the underpinning of Autism Speaks.


One thinks they are smarter than this. One thinks they know everything about the scammers. One is too arrogant.

I’ll simply tell what happened:

My mother got a check for $4,725 in the mail. From Publishers Sweepstakes Association. We called the number on the letter, and they cashed the check. We thought it was Publishers Clearing House. They said they were Publishers Clearing House. I mean, good American accents can throw off anybody in America, right? Then, and this should have been a red flag, they made us spend all the money on gift cards. Up to $1,800 at a time, on gift cards. They said the money on the gift cards was ours. Of course, the first sign something was wrong was when we checked the balance was empty on them. The check was cashed on Wednesday. By Friday evening, the check bounced and we were out for almost $5,000. So, there you go. Another pair of idiots forced to shell out $500 a month for thinking they were immune to scams.

You think you know all the tricks. You think you know all the signs. And then, they come up with new tricks.

Just think of this as a cautionary tale. If something seems too good to be true, it is.