Why I’ll Skip Black Friday 

I’m not putting down anyone who participates in Black Friday. I can’t do that to people, especially in this climate of Live Your Truth. All I am saying is, I’m going to skip it, for the reasons I’m listing here:

  1. Too Many People

Now, it’s good for a store to have a lot of people in it. But when there are so many people lined up for a sale that many people may not get, it troubles me. I even avoid those crazy NEW GAMING SYSTEM!!!!! Sales as well. You know they underproduce those things because they are not sure how those gaming systems will go over.

  1. Emotions Are Too High

I have heard about retail workers and customers getting trampled with people coming into the stores the minute they open. Go to http://blackfridaydeathcount.com/ for a list of deaths and injuries if you don’t believe me. There is also fighting and a lot of emotional people going in. How does this affect me? I am an empath. I absorb the feelings of others with barely a boundary of my own. Since the election, I have devoured Alka-Seltzer and Tums to calm my upset stomach because of this, well, flaw I guess? I never got taught how to set up an emotional boundary. How do people not consider the feelings of others? It makes no sense to me.

  1. It Would Disrupt Me

Do I have to explain this one? I am still not a happy shopper unless the store is quiet. Is it me, or do other people get road rage walking through a busy grocery store? Plus, there are sounds, sights, smells and maybe even a taste or two to distract me. Now add Black Friday crowds, and I’m about to go into meltdown. It’s a relentless barrage of discomforts.

  1. I Have My Own Tradition

This would be the biggest reason I skip out on Black Friday. I have my own traditions of changing over decorations from fall/Thanksgiving to Christmas. This process takes a very long time, because it is the most extensive decoration changeover of the year. Its process requires remembering where everything goes, choosing what you want in the decoration, and, in case you don’t know yet-I have changed over my Christmas decoration to fit the general room décor staying in better. I will probably post pictures on my Facebook page to show the results. Maybe I’ll post here if anyone is interested.


This is probably the biggest reason to skip out on Black Friday, and just stay calm. I mean, I’ve got leftover food from the holiday before, haven’t I? Anyway, sometimes calm and sanity is more of a goal than shopping.