Maybe I was Not Clear Enough

Maybe I was not clear enough. If the only way to stop shootings is arm everybody with a gun, then everybody has a gun pointed at their head by somebody.

Everybody has an enemy. Do we now point guns at their heads?

And remember, if everybody has a gun pointed at their head, then….


A Multi-Gun Standoff

There was a massive school shooting in Florida. Everybody is up in arms. I can hear the desperation in everybody’s voices.



I’m still processing this information, processing a real response. It seems that now everybody either has a gun or has a gun pointed at their heads in America. American living now looks like this:

Scratcher-Mexican-Stand-Off.jpgYes, this is what we call a “Mexican Standoff.” I call it a multi-gun standoff.

But the question I have for everybody carrying on the gun debate:

-Is a multi-gun standoff really the best you can do, NRA people?

Twenty-Six People Dead; NOW Will You Take Spousal Abuse Seriously?

I said it once; let me say it again. Trump is wrong about the Texas church shooter. He said it was not a gun problem; it was a mental illness problem. Now, since it has been revealed that the shooter’s family attended the church he shot up, but not that Sunday, it has been revealed to be a domestic violence problem. Twenty-six people dead, all because he wanted to kill his ex-wife and her family. The Texas church shooting was about the ultimate display of power and control over his wife; the power over life. 

Power and control have been at the core of domestic violence for all time. It was at the core of my family’s fighting and struggle. It was at the core of many a spousal murder and attempted murder; it was at the core of my life for so long. As a matter of fact, I am terrified of getting married, due to the fact that domestic violence was in my family and life for so long; what kind of wife beater will I attract? What kind of pain and abuse will I have to endure just to be comfortable? This is the effect of domestic abuse and violence in my life. As a matter of fact, domestic abuse was in the history of the Texas church shooter. He was dishonorably discharged for cracking his stepson’s skull. And he was convicted on another count for beating his wife. And he was able to buy weapons because the Air Force failed to report these crimes, so he went and shot up forty-six people in a church-where his ex-wife’s family went. So, is the Air Force almost as guilty of neglect in preventing mass murder? You be the judge.  

A Time Magazine article once stated that a soldier was going to have to kill in a big way for the military to understand domestic violence. Well, Air Force who failed to report it – twenty-six people are dead; twenty more are injured, all because the shooter wanted to control his ex-wife and her family. Now will you take domestic violence seriously?  


As the second day of the House Democrats’ gun control sit-in continues, I am wondering if we’ll have a second Civil War over this issue. I mean, the last issue people were so divided on was slavery, and we all know for generations what happened with that. I wonder, if somehow, too much passion is going toward this issue, and not enough thinking. I mean, let’s take a step back here, and examine the issue from both viewpoints. I think BOTH sides are hot headed and cold hearted, acting in their own self-interest, and that combination has always led to disaster.

Let’s look at the pro-gun side first. It boils down to one argument: allowing guns in the hands of everybody will save lives. I mean, people on this side of the aisle are reciting all the supposed mass murders that have been stopped by a single gun in the hands of the good. So, let’s ask the question: who is good enough to own such power? And is that power to take life had too much faith put in it? Yes, people are putting their faith in guns. Faith that can be better served being put in other things, like your Higher Power. Now, any reader knows I am a staunch Christian, but this is not the time or place for that. What I am saying is, people on this side have a distrust in authority, and a general feeling of powerlessness in their daily lives, so they decide to grab power through the gun. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Now, I’m not going to leave the gun control advocates unscathed. People on this side of the issue are distrustful of the gun owners, and are afraid of people who have used guns wrongly. Their faith seems to be in taking away the gun, in efforts to keep it out of the hands of those who misuse the gun. The question I must ask is: who is misusing the gun? Everybody thinks they are the good guy. Everybody wants to do the right thing. Trouble is, the “right thing” often conflicts with others’ rights, including their right to live and defend themselves from death. Most people think a government regulation and defense army is the right thing to do. What I need to ask this side is this: What is going to stop the government from taking other rights away, including the right to live? Another regulation? How can we defend our rights from being taken away without any means to do it? We will resort to crime to prevent crime. How does that make any sense?

I myself am very torn on the issue. My own right to defend myself from death, basically, on the line. DO I put my trust in government, or do I put my trust in my gun? I have no idea. Please help me. We are barreling towards a Second Civil War over this issue, the way we barreled toward Civil War over slavery. Please, educate me.