Autism Acceptance Month Day 30: A Little Empathy for the Isolated

Well, there is not a lot to say now. This Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month has been dominated by Coronavirus. There was a little talk about autism at the beginning, but it’s been mostly about the pandemic. Granted, there were some puzzle pieces here and there, and the tone-deaf White House did the “Light it Up Blue” thing, among other places, but Covid-19 took out most of the ableism.

Isn’t it funny how it took a global pandemic to finally get the “able” bodied and minded to feel what isolated disabled people have been feeling all their lives? We have been isolated, lonely, dejected, and rejected. Why do you think we have chips on our shoulders?

An update about my family: no one has called or receive calls from my mother’s side of the family except one aunt. In my nuclear family, the only one to call or receive calls is my younger brother. On my father’s side, at least my last living aunt calls every once in a while. I give more credence to my aunt on my father’s side because she actually calls. Mark my words: if I ever get rich or successful, they will be the only ones I acknowledge as family or get a red cent of my money.

Autism Acceptance Month Day 21: No, I Didn’t Do Marijuana, I Had a Blanket to Start

Yes, I am well aware that yesterday was 420. Unfortunately, marijuana is still illegal here in Kentucky, so that was not an option. I have heard marijuana helps the autistic…well, some of them anyway…and some people are trying to change laws in our legislature. Anyway, there is not much to 420 here.

What I did do yesterday was finally get the yarn I needed to crochet a baby blanket for my nephew, who is due here in August. Of course I am going to show it to you guys! That’s one of the things I do with this. (On a side note, I learned to knit and purl, but crochet is tops for speed.) As soon as the blanket is done, it will be posted. My brother is going to be a great father.

Autism Acceptance Month Day 18: Weird Sleep, Protests and a Brokern Dryer

Good early morning, everyone. It is after 3:00 am Central Kentucky time. This comes after my sleep schedule has been reversed – literally. I sleep in the daytime and am active at night. My mother needs more sleep, so she’s able to do that. It is at times like this I may be jealous of her…but I know she is suffering from similar sleep disturbances. This is the singular issue that troubles me the most, the weird sleep schedule. I should have mentioned it earlier in my posts.  

Concerning issues that rattle the cages, there is a lot of fear behind recent protests of the stay at home orders. I know this, because people are afraid of starving and running out of food. They need money to get food. This strikes at the base of Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs. (That’s for another day.)  

The governor of my state has laid out seven pillars of whether we can open the economy safely. I don’t know if similar plans have been laid out in your state, or nation for that matter, so I’m not going to bother you with them here. The main thrust of the matter is, whether or not the state is on the downslope of new cases of Covid-19. (A little aside: Covid-19 is numbered for the year it was discovered, 2019.) Until we can determine that we are, it is not safe. Also, do you want to overwhelm the system, almost guaranteeing certain sectors of people will die for sure? Do you want to kill them? 

I know you’re isolated. I know you’re scared. I know you’re starving. 

What I don’t know is whether we can reopen the economy properly yet, and keep you and yours safe and secure. That is the crux of the issue.  

Anyway, about hardship, this is a rant. My dryer broke yesterday. I don’t know when we will be able to get a new one. The stimulus money is nowhere to be found yet, and I can’t repair or install the dryer myself, which is what I may need to do. Any suggestions? 

Autism Acceptance Month Day 9-12: A Holy Saturday in Unique Circumstances

It’s not easy to type about things in quarantine when the “Q” key gets stuck. I mean, don’t you need that key to type “Quarantine”? Anyway, we simply stayed put and rested the past two days. Soon, since it’s technically Easter now, we’ll be observing the day with an online service and special foods. We’ll be having Eggs Benedict, then ham, baked beans and potato salad. I hope we’ll have a nice time.

Autism Acceptance Month Day 6: Just Keep Stimming

Just relaxing at home, basically. I only went out to walk the dog. Also, I am almost ready for which color to make that blanket I mentioned. I am wondering what the secret is for not breaking down among this quarantine. 

There is a confession: I have already broken down several times, being isolated from my family. Yes, the blog has records of it. No, I will not link to them tonight. Anyway, it’s tough being an afterthought.  

Anyway, moving on. Just wearing my masks, with an improvement…and thinking about putting a wire bread tie in them to stop them from fogging my glasses.  

Autism Acceptance Month Day 4: Chillin’ Like a Villain

To be honest, not much has really changed in our lives. We don’t even like going out these days. We are using this day to rest from yesterday, our monthly shopping day. Not much really happened. We rested, slept some, and I walked the dog twice, as I normally do. The big thing is, we’re resting and staying home, as we ought. But our day was not entirely without activity. I made face masks generally straightened up.

The CDC has recommended people wear masks outside, especially in high impact areas. I had grabbed a face mask a couple months ago from a stand at the doctor’s office, so I had one. It was during a flu season. I made two more today, so in case we need to go out, my mother and I. They were made from a dress whose hemline I hated…so I fixed the hemline also. I decided to wear one for a pic, and….it’s ugly.

Anyway, that was pretty much what I did.

Stay home, stay safe.

Autism Acceptance Month Day 2: The Big, Bad Blue Day Changeover.

Now, I know Autism “Speaks” pretty much still has this day walled up, but I can see the walls are cracking. There have been places that “Light it Up Gold” or red instead of blue, for example. Also, I, among others, are wearing alternative colors, like red for me and gold or taupe. Keep working at it, guys. We’ve still got a ways to go, but we’re beginning to get there.  

I do apologize for calling it Autism “Bewareness” Month. I forgot for a day that we’re beginning to turn it around.  

I’ll keep you posted on the day’s events, everyone. My mind may change throughout the day – multiple times, even.