How Millennials “Kill” Industries

EDIT: I erased the writings seeming to support Capitalism. I do not endorse one economic system over another. What I do support is more equal distribution of economic resources in order to support any current systems in operation today. 

No, millennials are not killing the sedan. Ford is. But I have a bone to pick with the whole “millennials are killing ____” stereotype, simple because it’s not millennials at the root of the problem. Millennials are supposedly killing most industries simply because they cannot afford to keep those industries alive.

What’s the easiest way to kill something? It’s not be able to keep it alive. What do industries require to stay alive and keep feeding the owners of the industry? Money. Let’s imagine, for a minute, money is water, and the chosen industry is a plant. The image is an easy one, simply because plants need water the same way industries need money. If you neglect to give a plant water, it will eventually die. If you do not give money to an industry, it will die. The problem lies in this: the American dollar does not stretch that far these days. Even with most wives working in some capacity so their families can eat, it is getting harder and harder to achieve that end. See, part of the problem lies in the total lack of livable wages, now that the American dollar does not stretch that far anymore. If millennials do not make enough money to eat, let alone buy a house or car, how do you expect them to keep an industry alive? Sell their internal organs?

Millennials kill industries by involuntary neglect. If these titans of industry want their money, they need to pay enough money to their workers in order to get them to give some of it back. Sure, people say prices will rise, but haven’t they risen beyond reason already?