Autism Acceptance Month Day 18: Weird Sleep, Protests and a Brokern Dryer

Good early morning, everyone. It is after 3:00 am Central Kentucky time. This comes after my sleep schedule has been reversed – literally. I sleep in the daytime and am active at night. My mother needs more sleep, so she’s able to do that. It is at times like this I may be jealous of her…but I know she is suffering from similar sleep disturbances. This is the singular issue that troubles me the most, the weird sleep schedule. I should have mentioned it earlier in my posts.  

Concerning issues that rattle the cages, there is a lot of fear behind recent protests of the stay at home orders. I know this, because people are afraid of starving and running out of food. They need money to get food. This strikes at the base of Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs. (That’s for another day.)  

The governor of my state has laid out seven pillars of whether we can open the economy safely. I don’t know if similar plans have been laid out in your state, or nation for that matter, so I’m not going to bother you with them here. The main thrust of the matter is, whether or not the state is on the downslope of new cases of Covid-19. (A little aside: Covid-19 is numbered for the year it was discovered, 2019.) Until we can determine that we are, it is not safe. Also, do you want to overwhelm the system, almost guaranteeing certain sectors of people will die for sure? Do you want to kill them? 

I know you’re isolated. I know you’re scared. I know you’re starving. 

What I don’t know is whether we can reopen the economy properly yet, and keep you and yours safe and secure. That is the crux of the issue.  

Anyway, about hardship, this is a rant. My dryer broke yesterday. I don’t know when we will be able to get a new one. The stimulus money is nowhere to be found yet, and I can’t repair or install the dryer myself, which is what I may need to do. Any suggestions? 

Issues with Quarantine

For many of us, we are now entering week two of our social shutdown. For many more, this has been longer. I am sure of your boredom and stir craziness. I’ve been through it. Here are a few issues that might crop up during your stay at home, if you are somehow forced to: 

1 – Pacing Yourself 

This is a common theme throughout a period of inaccessibility. I get it. You’re bored. But imagine that boredom stretched out over years and years. You learn a lot of things the hard way: don’t overindulge too quickly. Pace yourself. Spread activities and pleasures out among the hours. Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom (because I had no energy from yesterday), and also completed a small cycle of laundry. That was plenty for your average day at home. I rested on Wednesday, dusted on Tuesday, and cleaned the kitchen on Monday. As for this week in review, it helps a person like me to have a routine spaced out over the week. 

2 – Time 

You’re going to have a lot of time to contemplate things. Youre going to have a lot of time to catastrophize. STOP THAT. There are plenty of now-essential hobbies to take up and choose from. My mother, she does crosswords. I crochet. Currently I am waiting on the color of yarn to start my next blanket. Anyway, there’s sudoku, crosswords, needlepoint, learning how to do alterations, knitting…I clould go on and on. Besides, those of you with children, teach them how to do some hobbies as well. You might be surprised how well you can teach. 

3 – Weird Sleep Schedules 

This is a big one for me. I don’t know if you know this, but it is currently 2:18 a.m. as I type. I am dealing with a weird sleep schedule, as I have been for years. I often get up between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., but tonight I went to bed early, so I woke up early. I decided to write about this in particular as part of an article on issues people are facing in lockdown. I haven’t found the solution to this yet.  

4 – Keeping Routine 

As for routine, it is now essential you keep one. Most people have their jobs and schools to keep this routine for them, but with lockdown (that’s the word I’m using from now on), the schedule is all on you. Get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time. Eat meals at the same time. Create school for your kids. Learning is not about the building. Love and life are about making do where you are. There needs to be some form of stability. Otherwise, you get stuff like weird sleep schedules. 

5 – Working With Social Distancing 

Yesterday, a man came up to me just to pet my dog. With the guideline of keeping a distance of six feet, and a dog leash of only five, this I found creepy. I could possibly be infected with Covid-19 right now due to that guy’s stir craziness. How do I tell my mom?  

That failure aside, I am witnessing successes dealing with social distancing. Two women in my neighborhood held a conversation at least eight feet apart, for one. I really never held a lot of conversations before lockdown; I am holding less now. My dog is keeping me company, and so is my mother. If anyone wants to talk, feel free to use the internet or social media to contact me.  

6 – Fresh Air 

Fresh air. Open a window or a door if you can. I have a small dog, which I have a baby gate I use for. I also have screens on my windows if I ever want to open them. There is a lot of pain about fresh air, and the air inside your house.  

7 – Loneliness 

I am almost to the point of posting my cell phone number with area code on this blog because I am so lonely. I mean, my mother has heard all my stories and fun facts already at this point. There is little I can talk to her about that is new. I don’t gossip, because I have seen the damage gossip can do to a church. It’s not pretty, and causes the church to fall into dictatorship to control everything. But no one really calls me, except scammers. If it were not for scammers, my mother and I would not use a phone. Should I post my number on here?  

I am an old hat with staying home. I thought I might have a few tips to help.  

More on Coronavirus: No Time To Panic

Well, here we are. Things are getting canceled, people are told to stay away from each other. And now a Walmart in the state is out of toilet paper. It’s not near me, but I suspect nearer ones are facing the same thing. Good thing my mom decided to get the ONE extra package to stock up. Not five extra packages of toilet paper, ONE. Besides, we don’t even use a full package in a month. We’re only two people and a small dog, and the dog goes outside. We are fine. We don’t need to panic. 

I mean, we could worry and stock up on t.p. and bottled water like doomsday preppers, but we live in a small apartment.Where would we put it? Our coffers are overstuffed already. Besides, we usually stock up on these things on payday, since we use them regularly. I understand stocking up on toilet paper, but how is water going to be disrupted? Are we all living in Flint, Michigan now? We can boil it and let it cool. Besides, how is the water faucet supposed to be upset by a virus? How does it stop the water from flowing? Explain that to me.  

We’ve got the stay home thing down pat. There’s not a lot of money in the account, so we are not going out much these days. If we want a pizza, we can order it and pay with a card. Same with Chinese, I think. I don’t think it’s the same with Mexican food, something we enjoy as well. But we’re not really sick, just allergic. I’ve now got a neti pot to take care of that, plus I keep hydrated to minimize drip and the subsequent coughing. I have no breathing problems, and no fever. My mother also has neither of the above.  

What I can’t get over is how peaceful I am during all this coronavirus talk. I used to worry. I used to worry about such things, but this time, I’m okay. I feel we’ll get through it just fine. But if we are supposed to die from coronavirus, it’s not a big deal. I mean, how much can we even control?  

Autism Thanksgiving Prep Helps Part 1: Early Shopping

I’m no Thanksgiving expert, but I’d like to give an insight into how dealing with Thanksgiving works with our family.  

In our house, Thanksgiving prep begins early, at the beginning of November, or the end of October.  We clear out a space in the freezer for our turkey. We decide what we want on our menu, and get the non-perishable and freezable ingredients, like the turkey, corn and cranberry sauce. Much of our Thanksgiving is bought in this early time, and I myself set it aside. (I’m basically in charge of cooking now, which I can do well. No, the ability to cook a major meal does NOT negate my autism, thank you. Neural conditions do not work like that.)  

We then, over the coming weeks, buy fresh ingredients as the holiday gets closer. We have just today bought our rich half and half for the potatoes, and cream cheese for the celery. Hey, it’s my Thanksgiving. We’ll have it ready by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.  

Having a major hand in preparing the dinner helps me to anticipate the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. It consists of traditional dishes (like the celery for us), traditional eating all weekend, and traditional putting up of the Christmas décor.  

I think giving the autistic person responsibilities concerning the Thanksgiving holiday gets them into a mindset that everything will be okay. You may have to serve chicken nuggets just for them, along with having to wait until they’re older for them to eat like you, but usually the eating Thanksgiving meal comes. It may take a while. 

Of course, I learned to eat Thanksgiving food watching others eating. This might help some of us.

Quickshot – November 6, 2018

I came across the most wonderful thing while at the polls. There was a line. Normally, I do not encounter much of a line in my time and precinct. I guess the bases are riled up enough to speak, whether they’re voting through fear or rage….

We’ll know tonight. Our polls close at 6 p.m.. (They also open at 6 a.m., so I guess they’re early risers?)

Leave it in the Booth

Do you wish you had a say in how your government works? Do you wish you could tell the government what you want, have people who care about you and your issues represent you in Congress? I’ve got good news. You do have a say that can affect the government. It’s called a vote. You simply go into the booth and make the choice. I’m not versed on all the ways and machines you use to vote, but you simply make the choice you want. I heard the officials use simpler machines and systems than that used to. My precinct uses a paper you read into the machine.  

I’ve also decided to address some issues and sayings regarding why people do not vote. Unfortunately, I have an issue with each of them:  

1) “My Vote Won’t Make a Difference.”  

Newsflash: As of writing this, we are within 48 hours of the polls opening. Polls show a slight margin to one side. Notice I said SLIGHT. The polls might even be in the margin of error. I’m not saying which way they’re leaning, because it might poison the will of that side. I want everyone who can to vote. Besides, there are countless stories online about narrowly decided elections. So, maybe this country is big and you’re small, but at least you can make a choice – unlike other countries.  

2) “I Don’t Like the Lesser of Two Evils Strategy.”  

I’ve railed against the Lesser of Two Evils myself. Remember the 2016 posts? Anyway, now that it’s midterms, there is a chance there are more parties to vote for besides Democrat and Republican. I know those are the major ones, but you might be able to put a referendum on those parties!  

3) “The Weather Does Not Agree with Me.” 

It has been said Republicans should pray for rain. But, I believe Uber and Lyft offer free rides to polling places. I wish I could drive so I could help people get to the polls – but I’m pretty sure you know  

4) “It Takes Too Long to Vote/Too Far Away.”  

Let me get on my soapbox for a minute. How could you say your vote is inconvenient when you can google Voter Suppression and find it, even in this election? How many of your ancestors fought and died to have their say? How many of your foremothers and forefathers could not even vote? How many of your relatives cannot vote now? You who are registered, you are privileged! You have a chance to speak when others do not! Have your say! 


If you’re registered, please vote. I really don’t care who you vote for, whether it be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green or even Communist – even if it’s against who I want. I want you to be heard. I want you to have your say.

Kentucky Representative Race: Amy McGrath and….. Who?

This is about the race for a seat in the House of Representatives. The two major candidates are Amy McGrath, Democrat, and Andy Barr, Republican.  

Now, here’s the thing. I know Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath is running against Andy Barr. If we were to go on the political ads, we know about Amy’s look, supporters, military record, fundraising support, similar candidates, possibly everything you might be able to display about a candidate. 

But all we know about Andy Barr, her opponent, is that he voted party line 98% of the time.  

There seems to be very little told about Andy Barr.

That’s the trouble with running solely attack ads. It seems like you yourself have nothing to offer. I suspect that is not truly the case. Is Barr putting all his political eggs in the incumbency basket? I don’t get it. People are tired of “politics as usual.” That’s why they voted for Donald Trump. They knew he was not a politician. It seems to be translating into a loss of power for incumbency so far.   

And that’s a potential misjudgment for the incumbent. Think about it.