Quickshot – 21st Century Snake Oil

SNAKE OIL: a substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for all diseases.

There was a recent bust in a so-called Florida church selling a bleach-like substance as a cure for autism, a whole bunch of other diseases, and, you guessed it, COVID-19.

I am not surprised that autism is one of the conditions it is supposed to cure. Apparently, my existence is a apocalyptic doomsday scenario.

But, even if my genetic condition was not one of these apocalyptic doomsday scenario you’re supposed to drink this pseudo- bleach for, I am still against it.

Why don’t we call these things what they are?

Worthless, useless, dangerous snake oil.

So You Think I’ve Forgotten About Coronavirus

So you think I’ve forgotten about Coronavirus. Trust me; I haven’t. I worry about the people at the protests being too close together. It intensifies when I see a person – or people – without masks. Now don’t get me wrong; I support the protests 100%. Racism is definitely a sin. It leads to sins of commission; it also leads to sins of omission as well. Racism is a gateway sin.

I just want to help people stay safe, even during protests. Most of the people at the protests are wearing masks. That is good. It’s just the ones who don’t who worry me.

Even if I do forget, I have a very scared mother who reminds me every now and then. So, no, I haven’t forgot about Coronavirus.

Chasing After Family

I do apologize. I needed a rest from blogging for a while. Perhaps this life I led before and during quarantine has taken a toll on me from loneliness. Again, I am not being called or texted from my blood relatives. I hear people are somehow calling, FaceTiming, Zooming, and texting, but I don’t believe them. Where is their love? Do they even think about me? I guess I’m going to have to do all the calling, all the begging, and all the chasing.

My question is: Why do I have to do all the chasing after my cold and unloving family? I’m tired of begging and pleading for some drop of affection. Somebody, chase me.

A Blanket Finished

Well, I finished the blanket for my coming nephew. Here it is:

Anyway, for those who do not know, I crochet. You can’t beat it for speed. Unfortunately, I only know one stitch so far. I plan on learning more in order to make more elaborate blankets. I think that’s pretty cool.

Autism Acceptance Month Day 24: WHAT IN THE ACTUAL – ???!

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, Misuse of cleaning chemicals, MMS (?) 

Normally I stay out of the political fray until it’s time to vote. But this time, I can’t hold back. What is wrong with Donald Trump? Did he actually suggest injecting caustic chemicals into the human body? Seriously, introducing bleach into the body is a known form of suicide! I am flabbergasted that he was even mentioning these things being used in that fashion! 

The big problem is that there are people out there who will try ingesting and injecting themselves and their loved ones, especially their autistic loved ones, with these caustic chemicals in an attempt to cure them of coronavirus. There is even a known series of churches spouting chlorine and other bleach chemicals as cure-alls. Ever heard of Miracle Mineral Solution? As a member of the autistic community, I am standing with the makers of Lysol and people who have the sense God gave paste to understand it’s a danger, NOT A CURE, to put caustic chemicals in your body. I know I’m late to the party, but I was so stunned at this news I could not believe it. Sometimes it takes me a day to process information.  

Autism Acceptance Month Day 14: Not Much, Really

Unfortunately, I had to go out to get a few basics (and a little more), and we had to go to Walmart this time. We had a way to go into the store together…but the trouble is, no one asked. That is something I find troubling. We’ve got orders from the governor to stay six feet apart and only allow one person per family in the store, excepting certain circumstances. But do they even care? Kroger did.  

Anyway, we’re still waiting on a certain gender reveal to get me to start crocheting a blanket for the baby. I never had kids myself, but I will always spoil my nieces and nephews. When your kind suffers for existing, it gives you credence to never have children. Trouble is, I’m beginning to regret that decision. I think I might have been a good mother. But I guess it’s too late.  

Autism Acceptance Month Day 10: Good Friday

As a rule, I sleep on Fridays. Unfortunately, I was sleeping through my Good Friday observance. I wanted to mark the occasion, because there was a huge happening in the spiritual world, I believe. A man actually paid the price for all our souls. Of course, we believe this man was God incarnate as well. That’s why I chose three crosses to mark it.

Autism Acceptance Day 9: Staying Home


This was a big nothing sort of day. I simply put on the dress I made my masks from (it was the weird hemline), walked the dog and rested. Sometimes, you just need to rest.

A little something about things like “Stay the f*** home!” and other quarantine hashtags. Those apply to a certain subset of people. See, there are two types of people who aren’t staying home during a quarantine: those who CAN’T stay home and those who WON’T stay home. Those who can’t usually have a job at an essential place of work, like a grocery store, hospital or other places. Those who won’t stay home are the ones these slogans are aimed at.

Trust me, we don’t need to harass essential workers, okay?

I know that isolation is hard. My extended family and two of my siblings never even call us. We’ve been isolated for two years from seeing them face to face. We moved to Kentucky for them in the first place, and they treat us like strangers. Or maybe like intruders, like enemies. I know isolation is hard. I mean, if they really loved us, they would get the number and call. But my mother and I, we form our own little family, so neither of us are really alone.

Autism Acceptance Month Day 8: Kroger Loses Money and Back Home

Unfortunately, we had to go shopping for some staples early this morning. One good thing: there was senior hour, so we could more likely get certain things…although only on paper. (For example: almost no toilet paper again.) One bad thing: people are now limited to one person per family in the grocery stores. I had to go inside the store by myself and get the things on the shopping list while my mother waited in the car. It was alright for us, since I saved money by sticking to the list. It’s not so good for Kroger, though, since my mother tends to buy more things off the list. I have a feeling that Kroger is losing a lot of money for this reason.  

Anyway, after that was done, and a drive through breakfast, we came back home and rested. As I said before, weird sleep schedules are a part of staying home. We were up all night for no reason other than being unable to sleep. We just deal with things as we come. Can we really do anything else?  

Autism Acceptance Month Day 7: Go Crazy to Not Go Crazy

Now, I am not a fan of the word “crazy.” Far beyond it. This is a statement to describe what went on during the t.v. show “MASH.” Only a pizza and a few calls; that’s what really went on here, so not much more to know about. 

But there is a tool for coping with isolation I forgot about yesterday: funny things. Having a sense of humor helps me very well. I think I might utilize it a little more these days, who knows? There’s a few things I have done since we got the stay at home orders from the governor.  

  1. I have Babu Frik’s “Hey Heyyyy!” as a phone notification alert. I still laugh.
  2. There’s more funny things I have watched lately. Your mileage may vary on this, though, so I’m not telling you what I watch.  
  3. Finding a lot more things funny these days. 
  4. I am changing my hand washing song every now and then to include more fun and silliness.

There’s one thing that troubles me right now: the amount of times the word “I” has been mentioned. It is disturbing. That’s probably the trouble with isolation: you shrink into yourself, and if you find it a troubling place..that’s what humor is for.