An Apology

I would like to apologize for sending what is the wrong message, and to reveal that it may have come from a wrong place. Unfortunately, my life experience was not what it seemed. All the learning that I got did not actually come together until I was in my thirties. Sure, my mother and father taught me how to run a household, but I really did not understand until then.  

One of the points that I did not intend to make is that people should be pushed beyond their abilities, without help and support. Not true, at least by me. I am saying now that help and support is perfectly well and good.  

Another point that I seemed to make is that a person is “broken” in accessing help and support. Again, not true. Accessing services and self-advocating are part of the autistic person’s landscape. I meant to say that teaching a person how to access services themselves, if they are able, will help alleviate fears that one may have about them when they are gone. I was trying to get the parents to stop fearing about their child’s future, which is common among parents of the autistic.


Quickshot – About A Husband

So, Amy Schumer married an autistic man. Why should that be an issue? Apparently, he’s perfect for her. So how does autism make him more or less deserving of a good life with a loving wife? 

Maybe this comes back to the fear of different people, and the general cowardice displayed by those in power.  

Quickshot – The Monster

Alright. I’ll level with you. The reason I am so pro-vaccine is the apparent hatred of autism from those anti-vaxxer parents. It feels like they would rather have a dead child than an autistic one. I am the worst-case scenario for them. I am the root of all their fear. I am a monster.  

Anti-vaxxers make me feel like a monster.  

Does that make any sense to you guys?  

Quickshot: Turpentine to Cure Autism?

I just came across another quack so-called cure for autism: turpentine. I am not making this up. I have one thing to say to those people: 


Let me remind you that turpentine is used as a paint thinner, and is harmful to the human body. Do you really hate your children that much? That you want to slowly kill them?  

My mother said using turpentine to cure autism is “sick.” She actually used that word.  


I’m sure you know by now that there is a play that makes the one autistic character a puppet. That is problematic. Let me explain: Turning the one different character into a puppet only makes them not human. It gives the play a sense that there is an alien among them. And, since that alien is autistic, I am an alien too. Of course, now the United States lock aliens in cages.  

Some people say this is like Julia from Sesame Street. However, I disagree. On Sesame Street, puppets and monsters living there are a way of life. They are treated with the same respect that any human is. Coming back to Julia, she was given an introductory episode with all her traits outside. Most Sesame Street characters appear through various points in the show, and are treated as regulars.  

Of course, maybe they tried to avoid casting an autistic actor, or a non-autistic actor in an autistic role. I’ve got a request: Let’s do better. If you can’t find an autistic boy to play the role, find an autistic girl. If the role is “too adult,” get an adult autistic actor to play the child. No offense to the play producers, but making a person a puppet to stand them out is wrong. It dehumanizes them.  

Valentine’s Day 2019: End of the Day

I figured out why I was so moody and cranky earlier today. I’m not doing well physically. Shortly after I finished my earlier reporting, I got a strong headache and had to lay down for the morning. Fortunately, I cold cook breakfast and walk the dog as usual a little later on. Eventually, my mother and I went out and enjoyed a good steak dinner. So, any argument against the mind-body connection? It will make you look like a flat earther to me.  

Valentine’s Day 2019: The Beginning of the Day

For some reason, Valentine’s Day is hitting me hard this year. Yes, I’m single, but it has not bothered me before.  I remember last year that my dog was my Valentine. I think he will be that again this year. Fortunately, I think some strategies will help me get through it this year: 

  1. Medicines: I will take my medicines, thank you, and move on.
  2. Bask in Others’ Love: This has helped me before.
  3. No Alcohol: People have used alcohol to cope with singlehood and loneliness before, but in my case, I fear I will take it much too far. Besides, I need to deal with my feelings head on.
  4. Don’t Believe the Hype: I wonder how many people will end up sleeping on the couch due to a fight tonight? A day for romance can take place at any time of the year.  

Hopefully, these stratagems will help. I will report the results later on.