Politics is Now Too Hateful For Me

I try to avoid politics in my work because I want everybody to feel welcome on my site. Honestly, I hate just about everybody involved in politics, and I only stay on social media for my blog. I have thought about quitting many, many times. I absolutely hate that every word of mine is judged by those who would twist the very name of love and/or God itself to their specific agendas. I also hate the fact that everything I say and do means I am either a hater or a snowflake. I even fantasize about leaving the Unites States altogether due to the hellish political climate. So, if you want to discuss politics anymore I will not participate. I am tired of walking on eggshells for the right and the left. So, I am now apolitical. I wash my hands of this political climate. Call me Hitler, call me Stalin, call me every swear word in the book. I am done. I must take care of my mental health in order to survive you. 


Paris: November 14, 2015


There is a pallor over the world today. The city of Paris, as most of you know, suffered unprecedented terror attacks last night.

My mind is still in shock, trying to comprehend the up-close carnage. People killed at a concert, just because they were there. I guess those guys at the so-called “Islamic State” must be proud of themselves. Enjoy your dubious success, wherever you suicide terrorists are.

All I can do at this point is recall where I was when this was happening. My mother and I were out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. The match between France and Germany was on their TVs – the station was reporting it in Spanish, so it was no big deal. Immediately, there was an explosion outside the stadium, and the reports switched to a terror attack around in Paris. (I can read a lot of Spanish – at least the courses I took in high school gave me that ability.) I asked the manager to see if I got reading the words right, and he confirmed there was an attack. We left the store with Paris on our hearts, and the evening was awful. We had a fairly ordinary evening, but terror attacks cast a horrid shadow over everything. We watched 20/20’s coverage, where words were not minced or censored (and I did not care), and people were doing the only thing they could when their country is attacked: get behind it. People being evacuated at the soccer game sang France’s National Anthem, and there were report of people inviting others in their homes for safety. As my nation throws its support behind its oldest ally, I join the two, and begin to brew some resolve and comfort the Parisians and Frenchmen, and everyone in Paris that night.

Just so you know, I believe today we are all Parisians.