Nice Try, WebMD. I’m Not Having a Heart Attack.

When a person goes to WebMD, they have to be careful. If you look hard enough, there can be something alarming among your so-called diagnosis. I was typing in what my nausea could be after eating too much of a sugary drink, and there were a few alarming ones, such as “congestive heart failure,” “viral gastroenteritis,” and the most alarming, “heart attack.” My arm isn’t drooping, I’m not faint, so, I don’t think I’m having a heart attack. Nice try attempting to cause one though, WebMD. I almost titled this post “I’m Sure I Don’t Have Testicular Cancer,” but since I am a cisgender female, at least that has been ruled out. Anyway, the point is that you have to use critical thinking, even on sites as supposedly benign as WebMD.